Hibernation in Fyde OS 17

I saw there is a new update and, reading through the release notes, I did not see “hibernation” being reported as broken, when it was in the release notes of version 16. Does that mean it is fixed now? I changed OS so cannot test myself, but might come back if they fixed this.

We can’t guarantee the adaptation; you’ll have to try it out on your device. If there are issues with hibernation, please refer to the Known Issues section of the release note.

How can I trigger hibernation manually though? To test if it works

I am also very curious about this.
As I see it, this is not in the release note of the Surface hardware (specifically the Surface Go 1).
Only the issue regarding the pin is on the page :

Do you confirme this has been fixed for Surface users ? It would be amazing.
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Hibernation is not supported in Surface, and we’ll amend the Release Note.

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