Teclast F6 Pro Accelerometer Kionix KXCJ9


I use the Teclast F6 Pro and it works very good. The only thing that does not work is the accelerometer Kionix KXCJ9 for Tablet Mode recognition. However, the sensor is mentioned in the GitHub of FydeOS below. Any idea why it does not work?

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Accelerometer requires bespoke modifications to the chromium part of the OS, at the moment we have not included it in FydeOS for PC, as there is just no way to have an elegant one fits all solution.

Only FydeOS for You 2-in-1 tablets can have screen rotation and keyboard detachment detection for now, unfortunately.

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Thanks a lot for the good explanation. I assume there is also no way to make your own custom build with FydeOS with the driver included, right?

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