Can't install open gapps.

I can’t install the open gapps package from the fyde os store. I have installed Android subsystem, but wehn I try to install the gapps, there is this error:

Oops, something went wrong.
Installation did not finish as expected, if your Android subsystem does not start, please uninstall Open GApps.

unknown reason.

Could someone help me with this?
Thank you

need your hardware spec, and full installation log

It‘s a MacMini Server (2011), with Intel Core i7.

mine also shows this error after 20% installation progress.

mine specs are:
laptop Dell Inspiron 5559
Intel(R) Core™ i3-6100U CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 threads, 2.30GHz)
Ram 8gb
graphics: Intel Corporation Sky Lake Integrated Graphics (rev 07

which part of “full log” did you not understand, nobody can’t guess what went wrong just by staring at the 20%.

If it happens to be network issues, try downloading the payload from and feeding it to the configurator for an offline installation.

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hahaha, my bad.
after trying 2 more times, it is now installed and working properly.
The play store also took considerable time and few restarts. but now it works really well.
I guess it takes time for downloading files but doesn’t show any progress bar, thats why it takes time.

Anyways, thanks Alpha.

Mine still failed (surface pro 3) after several attempts. Below is the line from the log before it failed:

/home/chronos/fydeos-arc// line 220: zip: command not found
(exit 2) not a valied zip file, pleae try again.

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same issue here. sad :frowning: