Paid for update but then it never updated?

FydeOS v11.4 (FydeOS unlicensed version) Platform 13421.23.11.34 (64-bit)

Got a prompt to pay for an update, so paid, happy to support. But then nothing has happened. I paid a couple of weeks back. Is the OTA update broke like the Pi version was ( Shout out to Alpha & Lee from youtube)

Do I need to blow this version away and re-install or shout it do the update with out me re-installing?

Hi Jon, thanks for getting in touch.

Apologies the OS should’ve already updated automatically on its own, for some reason it didn’t. Is there any chance that you could share the content (or the file itself) of your /var/log/update_engine.log? You need to access the system bash-shell to get this with some basic linux command line manoeuvring skills.

Hi, in order to do that I assume I need to turn the Linux on which I an do…

No you don’t. Press ctrl + alt + t to invoke the web-based crosh-shell and enter shell to upgrade it to bash, then you’ll have it.

OK thanks, doing it now + a bit of Google to see How I can get the file… On it…

simplest way is to issue a cat command in the browser bash-shell:

cat /var/log/update_engine.log

then you can copy the entire screen output to somewhere like and share the link here

this is fine too but you need to grant public access to your google doc

Also no issue if I have to blow it away and reload… So happy with what you did for the pi 4 paid for that too… It does have an issue but will document that later. Also will post on Lee’s youtube about a positive support experience and thus worth paying…

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Nuke the current installation and re-do it with latest will obviously solve the problem, but you won’t have to do this.

The above log does not seem to contain the fullest of the file. Could you please try using cat command and paste the content (from bottom up) to the google doc.

9171 5577 3035 try that with your remote support maybe

Please supply the log_to_upload.txt here

Support System says I can’t post the link and also does not allow a new user to post a file

try again please

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Thanks I do really appreciate this. I never expected a response this quickly. There is no rush