YouTube or any video player won't load videos under FydeOS

Hello there! I installed FydeOS onto a pendrive, but I have a serious issue with it: I can’t play YouTube videos on it. I suspect that the lack of codecs is the cause of the error because Chrome loads perfectly and all the content around the video player. How can I install codecs in FydeOS?

Hi, which video specifically? or is it none of them on youtube is working for you?

all video apps not working especially android apps like IPTVSmartersPro apps, and for youtube android format not working but if I play the video on web format it works fine

now I install the VM format new version v13 and same issue there

Dear Support ,

Can you kindly reply here :slight_smile:

With FydeOS for PC installed on actual devices, we were unable to reproduce your YouTube playback issue. All public releases of FydeOS had passed video streaming tests on our testbed.

FydeOS for VMware however, does not support stream video decode/playback, due to VM constraints. Currently we don’t have any plan to address this unless VMware supports it.

Need install FydeOs on hard disk for complete functionality