Raspiberry Pi4 Bluetooth and Video problems

Hi. I have a fydeos Os in my RB Pi4 Model B and I have two issues:
1 - Bluetooth. If I pair a Bluetooth headset and try to use it together with a video player for example YouTube the voice apear completely desyncronized with video and the video became so slow like less than 1 frame per second.
2 - Cursor Overlay over any video player. If I start a video for example YouTube and move the cursor from outside to inside the video area its blink green and depends on the video player (netflix, YouTube, Prime video, directv go and so on) the brake on the video could take a few seconds and sometimes the system crash with the needs to do a hot reboot turning it off and on again.
I really appreciate to solve those issues.

From my experience so far on Ripi4.

1 - Bluetooth - I don’t think this really works at all (beyond basic connection).

2 - Cursor Overlay - I believe I’ve found the fix for this. You need to edit /etc/chrome_dev.conf & add “–fydeos-force-cursor-compositing” to the end.
( To edit /etc/chrome_dev.conf

  1. open chronos shell with shift+ctrl+T
  2. shell
  3. sudo bash
  4. mount -o remount rw /
  5. vi /etc/chrome_dev.conf (add the --fydeos-force-cursor-compositing line at the end)
  6. reboot

Thank you very much. It worked very well for me. To call chronos is Alt+Ctrl+T not shift. Just a comment to help someone else if read this topic.