Payment problems (Chromebook Pixel 2013)

Good day!

So, problem is simple since I live in Russia I cant pay via PayPal (PayPal banned in Russia) and cant pay via AliPay (since I simply cant create wallet). Also, since geopolitical situation Visa and MasterCard debit cards are also not working in other countries. How can I purchase subscription for FydeOS for You?

Or since Chromebook 2013 reached EOL subscription will not work?

As communicated several times across multiple channels, we have decided to drop the FydeOS for You support for Chromebook Pixel 2013. Therefore we no longer accept payment for new subscriptions for this device, sorry man. You can continue to use your current version of FydeOS for You, but since Chromebook Pixel 2013 is long overdue for its designed lifetime, you will likely encounter weird hardware issues and they are unresolvable.

It’s time to get a new kit.

I know, that EOL warnings for Chromebook 2013 were announced multiple times, but how can I simply register devices or something like that, because timed session kinda pisses me off sometimes…

Thanks for pointing it out, it really should not have been like this. Taking a look now …