Did the 9.1 Update comes for the Surface Devices?

Hello FydeOS Team :)

First i want to say Thank you , it is a so nice OS . I use it on a Surface Pro 5 with the m3 and it runs so fast . I really love it . And i love to have a Chrome OS without Google xD .I saw your Team update to 9.1 and this Version has so many nice features . Can you please tell me , if your Team works on the Surface Devices for a newer Version ? Or can i use the PC Image ? It would be very nice to have the Debian 10 Linux Subsystem :)

What you think about a extra English Section for your Forum . It would be nice to have some Support around the World ;)

Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany :)

9.1 update for Surface may coming soon.I use a Surface Pro 5 too and I was waiting for the update too :rofl::rofl::rofl:If you use a PC image, maybe your touch screen will not work.

I don’t think fyde will give priority to the new English forum section, because fyde has an overseas version called flint OS .Although actually Neverware acquired Flint Innovations (Flint OS development team).