Macbook air late2010

I want install FydeOS to macbook air late2010.
Please let me know choose download image.

I download PC with either Intel or AMD Processor & AM Radeon Graphics.
But, I can’t boot FydeOS.
My Display stoped ‘Booting Fyde OS image A’.

You should use the Intel variant, but, you need to check that your MacBook Air is not having an Nvidia graphics card, otherwise, it won’t boot.


Macbook Air won’t work FydeOS.
Is this correct?

This is not what I was saying.

I said only MacBook Airs with Intel CPU and Intel integrated graphics work with FydeOS. I am not sure if yours fits the description, you didn’t provide such information.


My Macbook Air late2010 used “Intel Core2 Duo” and “NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor”.

I think My Macbook Air don’t work FydeOS.

Do you have anyidea?

Correct, it’s almost certain that any release version of FydeOS won’t work on your MacBook Air. Sorry mate, not much we can do

I want use FydeOS by Macbook Air.
My Macbook Air work ChromeOS flex(102.0.5005.22(Official build(beta))).

Stick with Chrome OS Flex, FydeOS does not support Core 2 Duo

It`s a pity that FydeOS does not support Core2Duo.

I installed Chrome OS Flex on My Macbook Air(late2010).
Chrome OS Flex work on My Macbook Air.