Gapps issue

Hi dears,

i have a issue with installing Gapps … i try many times & i reinstalled the os but same massage will appear " oops something went wrong "

so, i need your support please

thank you

find bellow the log :

/home/chronos/fydeos-arc// line 220: zip: command not found
(exit 2) not a valied zip file, pleae try again.

[Wed May 18 08:00:38 PDT 2022] args: OpenGApps clear

before trying Open GApps, did the Android subsystem work at all?

The same thing is happening to me, and if the android subsystem continues to work.

full log, please

same issue .its working till 20% of the process and then suddenly says oops something went wromg.Please Help me

full log, please