Password issue

FydeOS really need to work on the password system. Each time I reboot my PC, my password isn’t recognized. sometimes I have to type the password multiple times before it’s accepted, other times I have to reboot severally, this is really annoying. It keeps talking about checking keyboard layout whereas keyboard layout is ok and the right password is been typed

Did You managed to fix the problem? I installed versión 14.2 2 days ago just to have to reinstall yesterday because it would not let me login (it said that cryptohome could not be mount), after some research I found a bug report on fydeos community (not this, other) from 2021 and the solución was to disable something on bios (I think tpm) but My laptop has no such setting thus reinstall, really frustrating.

Oh thanks. Mine have TMP, I’m going to turn it off right away.

Didn’t really find any help. However in my case, 2hen I insist on inputting the PIN several times, it becomes recognized though really stressful. Other times, I have to reboot severally.

Sorry it did not help, here is the bug report I was talking about I dont use a pin, I use a normal password with my gmail account so that could be why no matter how many times I tried it would not let me login (Although I could have been more patient, but between the hot of summer and my researchs for help fruitless I give up)

In 15.1 i dont have this issue. Try it and comment