Enable Widevine Not Working

When I click on the “Enable Widevine” toggle, a blue line spins for a couple of minutes and eventually goes away without activating. I installed FydeOS on another device and it did the same thing. I kept trying it and eventually I clicked the toggle and it just worked. I’ve tried at least a dozen times this time and it won’t activate even after several reboots.

I was able to download libwidevinecdm.so to attempt to do it manually but don’t know how to place it in the necessary location for Chromium.

Does anyone have any tips to make the toggle work or with how to do it manually?

Device: HP Chromebox j5n50ut with MrChromebox.tech firmware

After trying this another dozen times the setting finally took effect. As far as I can tell, I didn’t do anything different that time it worked versus any of the other times.

How did you do it? Because I’m also having the same problem.

I activated widevine but it just stuck there, when I reboot the widevine switch returns back to off.

It should be related to network issues, and now that we have enabled global CDN for the files to be downloaded, it will improve the problem substantially.

I didn’t do anything different. I just kept trying it over the course of a few days. One day I noticed the switch was blue all of a sudden. I did a restart and then Netflix was working. It’s possible to download what’s needed for widevine and do it manually but I couldn’t figure out where to put the file. Good luck. The operation system is perfect for my needs otherwise.