Games and apps keep crashing

hi i installed fyde os like 2 days ago and i got gapps and the play store was working completely fine until i installed some games and they kept crashing every time i opened them

some of the games that i have tried were: hungry shark / minecraft / the google play instant games

but what i’ve noticed that all the games (bigger than 100 mb) were crashing
but some of the apps were crashing but alot of them were working

i hope someone responds quickly cause its really annoying

I tried Hungry Shark, and it works.

You should add more details about your device and how you installed FydeOS.


I’m running fyde os from a usb
the device model is dell inspiron N5050
i3 2330m
Intel HD graphics card

not that version the other version:
hungry shark evolution

Your device is a PC with the 2nd Gen Intel Processor; as you can see, it’s not officially supported. So it’s not surprising if the Android subsystem does not run well. And FydeOS booted from a USB stick suffers a significant performance penalty.

Oh,I didn’t notice that
Is there a solution?
But anyways thanks for the help