Linux install issue on 14.2

Tried with different crostini options in Chrome flags without luck
Tried powerwash but nothing

The terminal says: Error starting penguin container: 5
Launching vmshell failed: Error starting crostini for terminal: 5

Tried different commands but are unavailable or with errors:

crosh> lxc list
[ERROR:src/] ERROR: unknown command: lxc
crosh> vmc container termina penguin
Error: operation container_create failed: failed to create container: UNKNOWN: requested VM does not exist: termina
[ERROR:src/] ERROR: command failed
crosh> vmc start termina
Error: operation vm_start failed: bad VM status: VM_STATUS_FAILURE: Failed to get image paths: termina-dlc was not installed, its state is: 0
[ERROR:src/] ERROR: command failed