Update problem via OTA

please can you help me with update to latest version of FydeOS?

I use raspberry Pi 4 and I have valid subscription, but I still have a problem with updating the system.

When I use offered update OTA, I still have FydeOS v13.0-SP1 (Raspberry Pi 400 release version) Platform 13982.75.13.14 (32bitovĂ˝), despite newer version is available.

I have already tried second method - I downloaded 14.2 version and I installed to another SD card via BelenaEtcher.

Everything was ok until I found that my active subscription didn’t load even though I logged in with the same userID (is it possible that the subscription is also linked to the device / SD card?)

Thank you for your support


We use harddrive fingerprints (SD cards in this case) to generate device IDs as licensing identification.

Please create a ticket with your proof of purchase and the new device ID that you wish to migrate your subscription to, and we will migrate it for you.

Yes, this is one of option how to update system.
But why automatic upgrade (OTA) doesn’t work in my case?

I can’t make a judgment right now. If you reencounter this issue, please create a ticket, and a support guy will assist you remotely to resolve the issue.