I can no longer use the 3rd - 8th gen build

Hello It’s been a while since I posted on the forum also my original post was about android apps but figured I would change it since android apps work but I can no longer use the 3rd-8th gen build even though my CPU is 6th gen. My 6th gen cpu comes with an iris GPU so I am assuming maybe that’s the issue.

Though I however can use the 9th-11th gen build with iris graphics.

about_system.zip (603.6 KB)

V14 I was able to use the 3rd-8th gen build but for v15 I have to use the 9th-11th gen build. I mean if you look at the logs my CPU is clearly a 6th gen. So I am assuming maybe my Iris GPU lost it’s driver in v15 for the 3rd-8th gen build?

Edit 7: I forgot to mention the issue. On 3rd-8th gen the OS will boot up but then after the fyde OS logo the whole OS will crash & then my laptop will restart but on 9th -11th gen all works like it’s supposed to.

If there is no problem with the 9-11 gen version, then use this one. The main difference between these two versions is in the graphics card. Generally, 9-11 generation CPUs carry Iris graphics cards, and your device is exceptional.