FydeOS 15 and Google Play Store

I’m using the latest version of FydeOS (v15.0) and so far the Android stuff seems to be working fine. Now I can install APK files through the Android subsystem but I miss using the Google Play Store for a more “formal” installation of programs. I noticed that the Play Store is no longer installed by default. Is there a way to install it and make it work? I’m having issues with Google Play services which is preventing me from getting the store to work.

I noticed that the dependent Google apps don’t work well (sometimes they crash), but in themselves they are not as important as I imagined. As long as apps can be installed via the apk file I see no problem using FydeOS.

Thanks for responding.

Reinstall GAPPS and/or update to 15.1 and reinstall GAPPS from the FydeOs store app “Configure open GApps”

Reinstall GAPPS, GAPPS work well on most devices. Or install APKPure , ApkMirror or Aptoide stores