Tablet Mode Doesn't Activate on Surface Go 3

On my Surface Go 3: Tablet mode will not activate unless I physically detach the keyboard. Folding the keyboard back does deactivate the keyboard, but does not activate tablet mode.

As designed for surface devices, you detach the keyboard, and it automatically turns into tablet mode. Folding the keyboard back won’t do the same thing. You can turn on the tablet/laptop switch button and switch it manually.

Good, I was hopeing there was a way to manually switch between tablet and laptop modes! How do I turn on the tablet/laptop switch button?

Settings - FydeOS settings.

I added the button, but it didn’t work. The button did something, it allowed the screen to rotate. But it didn’t go into tablet mode, the way it does when the keyboar is removed.

That’s the way it worked when the keyboard was detached. But when it was attached: As I said, the button didn’t get it into tablet mode.

That button on my computer is a “Laptop mode” and “Default mode” toggle. There’s no “Tablet mode”.

One other problem (the forum wouldn’t let me make a new thread):

I’m duel-booting Windows and FydeOS. After booting into FydeOS, Windows shows the wrong time. I presume it’s because FydeOS treats the system clock as UTC, while Windows treats it as local time. How do I fix this?

Do you connect to a mouse? You have to disconnect it since it conflicts with tablet mode.

Aside from the trackpad mouse that’s built into the keyboard, no.

But on the upside, I think I’ve fixed the clock problem with that link you gave me. Thank you.

Is it an original surface keyboard?

Yes, I think it is.

Is there a way to block the system from seeing the keyboard, thus forcing it into tablet mode?

Settings - FydeOS settings. You can turn on the manual switch botton.

Isn’t that what we did before? I’ve tried it again, and as I said:

I was hoping there was a way to trick the system into thinking the keyboard wasn’t attached, so that I wouldn’t have to physically detach the keyboard to go into tablet mode.

If that makes the keyboard not work with the system, that’s okay (for serious keyboard use, I’d boot into Windows). But the keyboard is also the cover, it makes the tablet easier to hold. I don’t want to have to detach the keyboard to use FydeOS’s tablet mode!

As the video attached above, I can switch to tablet mode when the keyboard is attached. I can’t reproduce your problem.