Update problem

although I have a valid subscription, I have never been able to update OTA. The system always reports that it is up to date, which is not true (FydeOS v14.2 (Raspberry Pi 400 release version) Platform 14268.83.14.5 (32bit)
I have to update manually (download and flash) which is very inconvenient.
How to make the automatic update?
Thank you for your support.

did you perform the “installation” process from one storage media to another? or did you boot it from an SD card or a USB drive directly

I boot directly from SD card.

Not sure if you still remember, on the first screen of the OOBE (system activation wizard) it stated specifically that if you want OTA you need to find another storage medium and perform an “installation”. This way the partitions will get resized in order to house the OTA. I suggest next time read the text before clicking “next”

Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3OXZnH9byQ