Error FydeOS unlicensed version


the current version of my computer is 13.1. for some reason the system is not updated, I have problems with the update and the license.

the error message: Couldn’t update your FydeOS device. Please try again later. FydeOS v13.1 (FydeOS unlicensed version) Platform 13982.75.13.42 (64-bit)

ps. I’ve always been licensed and previous updates have always been successful. I Never had this problem.

is it possible to update and fix the problem?
thanks for collaboration

FydeOS for PC is an unlicensed version. It’s impossible that “you’ve always been licensed”.
You must pay a small one-off fee to get a major milestone update. Please refer to this FAQ for more information.

how can i purchase the next version?

When you see the notification if new version click on it and itll take youto a webpage where you can pay

For this Boot up windows and go to fyde os website and download the latest version and it will overwrite the partriton of The older one allowing you to keep all the data of yours