Modifier key


I recently installed Fydeos on my Surface Pro 4.
The installer crashed at the end but the system was installed. Congratulations for your work, I like your system and will recommend it.

Just one question, speaking several languages I became used under Linux to use a modifier key on a qwerty keyboard to type accentuated characters.

Is there such a thing on Fydeos. I figured out that I can mix the on screen keyboard with the physical one, but this takes a lot of screen estate.

Maybe something for a newer version.


Try this:
Vimium C

Isn’t there a system wide solution for typing accented characters. It should be nice to have this.
As this is basically a Linux system, there should be a way to activate a “compose” key, like it is done in Gnome or KDE.

I found the solution. You should put English US with international input as your default input method.

Then just use your Alt key.

Alt+´ e = é

Hope this helps some other people.