Surface Pro 7 - Feedback


I just put FydeOS and I am totally in love with your work, but I also noticed some bugs. For example, the camera does not work.

The touchpad, the right click does not work. I need a wireless mouse to do right click.

Anyway, your work is beautiful.
I hope to have these two fixes soon :wink:

Best :wink:

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Still working on the camera, thanks

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Thanks, did you also take into account the problem of the right click on the mouse on the typecover of the surface that does not work? Right click to get additional options on a page, copy and paste, etc.

The right-click works on our test device. Just use two fingers to click on the touchpad.

Thanks for the explanation, I didn’t know that it had to be done this way. I must admit that on Windows, you just have to click with one finger on the right part of the touchpad and it displays the contextual menu. Now, I’ve understood how to do it, but maybe make it more fluid, no?