Can we delete some options on the rEFInd enter boot?

I have some options on the rEFInd enter boot that I like to delete. Can we edit it? How is it possible?

I have install Fyde OS with multiboot rEFInd. That works perfect.

With Fyde OS I have also on the Hard Disk (sda) install Manjaro (linux) and Windows.

But, when I enter there is more options on the enter multiboot, like a Ubuntu, there was unstall, also Manjaro grub, and I wish to have only, 3 option, Fyde OS, Manjaro (direct), and Windows.

Can we edit the rEFInd by shell comand, or somethink?


Did you managed to fix it ??

Nope that would cause you to lose android subsystem of fydeos and .exe system handler of windows