"Activate FydeOS Android subsystem" option is taking forever

The installation proceeded beautifully on my old HP Pavilion DM1 laptop, even the Linux develop mode is working fine, but the Android subsystem never ends the installation or show any abnormal error message.

It just keeps spinning the “launch” button forever.

Then the Configura open GAPP extention fails I wonder due to lack of the Android feature enablement.

Processor: AMD E-350 1.6 Mhz
RAM Memory 8GB
HD Sata : 500GB

Maybe a previous version for the Android kernel may work, but I couldn’t find the download repositories with olde versions.

Any help or tip would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

This CPU is too old to run Android subsystem since it does not support SSE4.2 instruction set.

How can I determine if the CPU I am using is too old?

In the attached picture you can see the results from the FydeOS diagnostic tool

This same scenario happened to me. The loading button just kept spinning with no error messages. if I close the installation window, it closes with no error either. no gapps get installed. but I am able to download any APK file and install it. They all seem to run perfectly, so I’m not quite sure where the problem is. Something in the installation process isn’t working properly?