Editing apps can't find media (photo,video,audio...)

Im a regular Fyde os user. i ues editing apps like Kinemaster, Picsart and this kind of simple apps. Im facing a issue that, When I try to import some media (like photo,video) they are not shown in the in app file explorer (kinemaster and Picsart both have in app file explorer)

![Screenshot 2022-10-03 4.19.46 PM|690x387](upload://iInPIIvkIz5Xa4TbskRmu10a5YK.png)

but in a file explorer (Zarchaiver, Google files) They can detect media. How can I solve the problem?????

Zarchaiver can detect media…

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Try to put the files in the android folder.

Or permissions for these apps

I found solution. In your file on files (yellow) app, right clic and open with… In the list select your design app and voila!