Android Subsystem infinite load

Hello i recently install FydeOs on my old netbook acer aspire one 522 (amd apu c-50 codename ontario) everything work fine and its very responsive but after i logon my google account the android subsystem show a neverending spinning circle i left all night and its still spinning please help


In this case,you should just stick to the FydeOS account.

Mine did the same thing, still not working

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Same thing happened to me.

I found on spinning HDD Android doesn’t fully load at boot you have to let the system load for a couple of minutes and then log out and back in hope this helps someone

Version 15.1 has google appstore and only google app loading issues,sometimes it will load correctly and other times it will have an endless loading ring and eventually will cause fyde os to completely crash.
If i just use fyde os itself it has no issues.