Amd radeon r5 m430

Hello to everyone. I want to install Fyde OS to my pc but i want to use android apps also. So i have heard İNTEL Chipsets have android subsystem support but my pc can run android subsystem, i mean does my pc provide requirements Fyde for AMD GPU’s? Here is my specs:

İntel Core İ5 2.3 Mhz
AMD Radeon R5 M430 Graphics Card
4 GB of Ram
Thank you for your help.

Need install Fydeos for intel and amd processors and graphics discrete or integrated

i tried “amd version” and it did not boot. After that when i install “intel and amd version”, this time it opens perfectly but android subsytem did not boot.
i mean i only get fyde os without android or bootscreen…
thank you for your help…

Need more information like computer model, processor, Graphics card, etc

Is possible You combination of processor and Graphics card is not supported. Is very old. You computer have two Graphics card? If yes , disable amd card and try again

i think it is not that old but it can be not supported.
Moreover, yes my pc has two graphics card: the one is basic “Intel® HD Graphics 520”; and the other one is the powerful one “AMD Radeon M430”.
Also i have İntel Core İ5 6200U cpu that has SSE 4.2 support…
Like i said; “FydeOS for İntel and Amd” opens but android subsystem not; and “FydeOS for only AMD” stuck at bootscreen, do not even open.

Disable the amd card please and try again. When said “amd and Intel” is refered to processors not the Intel and amd card combination

ohh ok, but how can i disable it?

Search option in BIOS.

so u are saying i should download intel and amd version after that i have to disable amd graphics card (i doubt that) then with intel graphics card fyde and android will work.
But can disabling amd be a problem for windows. i want to use it via dualboot…
sorry if i annoy you, thanks…

by the way on the download screen on fydeos website; i think the third option that is “pc with either intel or amd proccessors and amd graphics card” is the right one for me, am i right?

I understand and you right , with dual boot you need AMD card for windows, I dont have windows on mine and sometimes forget the dual boot option

You right again, the third option is for your case but dont work in some cases. You can try and comment here your results.

so i tested fyde os, here is my observations:

First of all i have flashed “Fyde OS for either İntel or AMD Processor and AMD Radeon Graphics Card”
then in the bootscreen i saw 5 options:
1- Fyde İmage A // When i select this one, stuck at bootscreen just “-”

2-Fyde İmage B // When i select this one, my pc reboots all the time, it is different from others first i got “-” then reboot, always

3-Fyde Verified İmage A // When i select this one, stuck at bootscreen just “-”
4-Fyde Verified İmage B // When i select this one, stuck at bootscreen just “-”
5-Alternate USB Boot // When i select this one, stuck at bootscreen just “-”

As you see just image b acts different but no progress, by the way is there any difference UEFİ/EFİ? cause a program says my pc using EFİ since i did something before

Finally i do not want to disable AMD and flash İntel version because of Windows 11. So can we say this is end of the road for me?

Image B is empty, when you upgrade to new version via OTA the image b is “active” with new version and Image A have previous version.

Is weird your case because the FydeOs boots good in USB mode but fails when you install on hard drive. The rule is, if boots in USB mode, the Fydeos installation on hardrive works well. I have 4 devices with FydeOs and all (someones with certains problems) works well. I would try on a different hard drive

a year ago, i tried FydeOS version 14 and i got same result and now via FydeOS 15.1 again i got same result even on USB Mode.
unfortunately i got no different hard drive so i have got nothing to do, maybe in Fyde 15.5 or 16 problem solves by itself
in conclusion i give up for now, thanks for everything. Sorry if i annoy you and god bless you :slight_smile:

Sorry for you bad experience. I new versions the issue was resolve. FydeOs really is good option for a daily use.

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