Ax210 wifi chip


I do have switch in my laptop the wifi card with a ax210. The Bluetooth works but the Wi-Fi stopped working. I have reinstall fydeos, same issue. I thought ax210 was compatible with Fyde os 15.

Thanks for the help


Which version do you use? The version for 3rd-8th generation Intel Core processors does not support ax210.

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Ok, I was using this one. I should use the AMD Intel with integrated then ?

The other version for Intel 9-11 Gen chips would work.

9 to 11th gen version won’t even install on my computer. I do have 2th gen Intel.

Should I try the last version ? Is that one compatible with 2nd gen and x210 wifi ?

It won’t work.

Ax210 is not suitable for your device since your device is too old. Old Intel Wi-Fi chips would work such as Intel Advanced-N 6205. But we can’t promise the performance on 2nd-Gen Intel chips.

Ok thanks. I will stick on windows then, no issues with this combination on it.