FydeOS 15.1 broke the touchpad in Dell 3120

Dell 11-3120 CrB here. Unfortunately FydeOS 15.1 broke the functionality of the touchpad. Touch-click does not work, right-click on touchpad does not work either. :frowning: wget -qO- http://goo.gl/1VWycc | sh returns “No known touchpad found, exiting”.

Any ideas? Tried Lubuntu from USB, touchpad works fine (right-click okay, double-finger click okay).

with 15.1 try hwtuner in bash shell, there are some alternative touchpad approaches for you to try

hwtuner doesn’t show anything valuable in particular. Just shows the info that there is not config for the touchpad. The thing is that Dell 3120 uses Elan touchpad, therefore everything should be working perfectly. Linux distros support the touchpad perfectly (right click and tap-click work).