Surface GO 3 Camera is not working in Fydeos

I have installed fyde os in my surface go 3. All are working fine except the Camera. Everytime i open the camera it doesnt work. Only the camera window opens and nothing is visible.

Need solution for this


Read the release note. It’s a known issue.

What if we plugged an external camera into a Surface Go 3’s USB port? Would FydeOS work with that external camera?

Camera still not working with Fydeos 16

It will be soon, but probably not with Surface Go 3.

Kernel 5.15 touchpad should work but not. What is the problem ?

Nothing to do with this thread’s topic: I can’t start a new thread. When I try to add a tag, I get an error message saying “Internal Server Error”, and it won’t let me make a new thread without adding a tag. Is it just me, or are others having this problem too?

I think it is the server temporary server hiccup, if you try again now, things should be smoother

Nope, same problem.

We will definitely look into this, thanks for pointing it out mate

I think the first thing to do is to see if others are having this problem, or it’s just me. If it’s just me: Maybe something’s broken on my end.

Surface Go 2 m3: No camera, but everything, including stylus and keyboard backlight, appears to work perfectly. I’m still testing from a high speed usb stick but will soon install, replacing Win11. The SG hardware with FydeOS is near ideal.

Things have changed a little, read more here: FydeOS for You - Surface Developer channel release