Devices that can run Fydeos

So i discoverd Fydeos this year and ever since i cant stop using it so far ive tried dell 5285 2 on 1 pc and it run great with fydeos for you, also i tried dell [Dell Chromebook 3120 Touchscreen and it didnt work so good i lost audio and touch pad was slow the next one i tried was acer c 720 with upgrade ssd 250gb and it runs great but apps open on window mode so no full screen so far the best one is been the surface pro 3 but it over heats just like it does with windows my next one is gonna be the lenovo ideapad CT-X636F i would like to know what devices have people tried this OS on and how it runs i love this whole new era of new operation systems and the fact that we can try them and choose witch one is the best for our needs not like before that you were stuck with whatever they gave you so what have you guys tried it on and how does it run?

i tried the same thing on this topic but people wont anwser… Devices fully functional with FydeOs 15