could not install linux subsystem

hello I have a problem is that when I click on install linux an error appears
and then I decided to try in crosh and this appears
Error: vm_start operation failed: DLC service failed to install module termina-dlc: Parallels DLC could not be installed I have an amd e1-6010 with radeon r2 (mullins)
A and I have the android subsystem
Screenshot 2022-11-17 2.23.02 PM

First, check if the /mnt/stateful_partition/dev_image/tatl-fydeos directory exists, then try to delete the Linux subsystem and reinstall it.

If you still have problems, upload a dmp file in the /var/spool/crash directory with a file name in a format similar to crosvm.XXXXXXX.XXXX.dmp. There may be more than one file, so you can upload the most recently generated one, depending on the date in the file name.