Android games not working on fade os

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    (1) Some games run and some don’t, it just hangs a black screen when starting the game (Standoff 2, Call of duty etc…)

    A: What can be done? how to solve this problem?

    (2) Specific configuration and firmware version

    • CPU: Іntеl Соrе і3-10110U (2.10 - 4.10 GНz, 4 МВ сасhе)
    • GPU: NVІDІА GеFоrсе МХ230 - 2 GВ GDDR5
    • RAM & ROM: 8GB
    • FydeOS Version: 15.1

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    To get the logs, type /var/log/messages in the Chromium browser and locate the relevant log fragment to show here.

Some games not working because dont was made for Chrome Os or Fyde Os was made for Android. In this case dont exists warranty of propel functionality. In my case , the games run well but this games dont be complicated games or need special (mobile )hardware to work.