NTFS vs exFAT - What's better for an external disk used by both Windows and FydeOS?

I dual-boot Windows and FydeOS. I store my personal files (and some apps) on a TF (MicroSD) card, rather than on my computer’s hard disk. Would it be better for my TF card to use exFAT, NTFS, or something else?

Exfat for me, because no is property of Microsoft

I’m not interested in avoiding NTFS on principle, simply because Microsoft owns the copyright. I’m interested in what will work best on my computer.

NTFS is not compatible with many OS because is property of Microsoft, some can read but dont write… Exfat is compatible with all OS. Now you tell me.

My understanding is: NTFS is far less prone to data corruption, and has some other advantages over exFAT. If I’m correct, the question is: Does FideOS get along with NTFS?