Surface Pro 7 unchangeable resolution

Hello, I’m using FydeOS with the Surface Pro 7 and noticed that I can not change the resolution on the built-in display. I can scale it using the “Display size” setting, but this doesn’t do anything other than make the UI bigger or smaller, not the resolution. And what I’m looking to do is cut the resolution in half as the screen resolution being so big drains the battery of my surface insanely quickly. Aka, I want to change the resolution to 1368x912 instead of the native 2736x1824. I want to be able to use this OS as a tablet to play google play store games on with my Surface, but if the resolution is so high (with a screen where it won’t even be noticeable with a scaled down resolution) it won’t be something worth doing as the battery will just run out far too quickly. Is there any way I can change this or enable the setting that lets me change my resolution? I’ve looked everywhere and didn’t find a single possible solution.

in android apps dont exists a way to make resolution smaller . Always apps take the max resolution in device. Sorry for that

If that were true you wouldn’t be able to change the resolution on other displays either. But on external displays it’s entirely possible to make your resolution smaller and for it to still work with android apps. I connected my Surface Pro with FydeOS to a 2560x1440 resolution monitor, scaled that monitor down to 720p, made it my primary monitor, and it ran games at that exact resolution. What I’m asking is how I can do this with my Surface’s internal monitor in the settings since I can scale it down on Windows, so why not on FydeOS?

In external screens is different because system allow change on resolution, in native screens not