First run wizard support for intel wifi 6e ax211 160mhz adapter

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Any pointers on how i work around fact that when i boot into test run mode from usb stick on a dell xps 13 2in1 tablet with i7-1250u + iris xe igpu + intel wifi 6e ax211 160mhz the fydeOS first run installer wizard fails to see any wifi networks?

If i turn on wifi in the bottom corner control panel it appears to want to turn itself off again after 10-15seconds. I tried booting with a tplink n150 nano usb wifi adapter and it didn’t display wifi networks with that connected either.

Is the intel wifi 6e ax211 160mhz card [ and tplink n150 nano usb wifi adapter ] not supported or is it but you have to use a usb to ethernet dongle in order to get through the first run installer wizard process at which point support for that current intel wifi card will be downloaded?

Doing a search on “linux drivers intel w-fi 6e ax211” i found ubuntu driver intel wi-fi 6e ax211 160mhz - Ask Ubuntu suggesting that there is currently a linux driver for this wifi adapter. Does that mean it can be enabled once you get through the first run setup process using a supported usb nano wifi adapter or usb ethernet dongle?

(2) Specific configuration and firmware version

- CPU: intel i7-1250u
- GPU: intel iris xe
- RAM & ROM: current uefi for device which is 1.2.0 
- FydeOS Version: current download which is v15.1

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 To get the logs, type **/var/log/messages** in the Chromium browser and locate the relevant log fragment to show here.


your wifi card may dont be supported because is “new” and you need wait for a new release of fydeos

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