[Gliches] FydeOS system with 39,2GB HD usage?

  1. I created a partition on my laptop to dual boot windows (already installed) and FydeOS, and glitches have been occurring since I started FydeOS (and only on it).

  2. On the website it said that at least 20GB of HD should be dedicated, so I only partitioned 37GB… When installing the OS I had no problems, but when I started I realized that there were multiboots A and B (identical), and the restoration file. I started in one of the multiboots, the system has been showing constant glitches and I noticed that in the settings, in “storage management” it shows a storage of 64GB, of which 39.2GB would be for the system. What’s going on?

    (1) Specific questions

    A: I need to change the version to PC with Intel processors (9rd - 11th)?

    (2) Specific configuration and firmware version

    • CPU: Intel Core i5-10300H
    • GPU: GeForce gtx 1650 4G
    • RAM & ROM: 8 GB RAM
    • FydeOS Version: PC with Intel processors & HD graphics (3rd - 8th)

    (3) Detailed logs
    To get the logs, type /var/log/messages in the Chromium browser and locate the relevant log fragment to show here.
    Logs: ?

The gliches were resolved when I reinstalled for the other version (intel 9th ​​- 11th).

If you have difficulty knowing the version, just look for the number that follows the name of the processor. In my case, Intel Core i5 “10300H”, that initial ‘10’ indicates tenth generation.

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Intel’s dirty little naming tricks well explained

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