Android Subsystem can't install on Intel Core I5 3230m

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    A: Android Subsystem does not activate on my Dell Vostro 3640 with Core I5 3220m with 16 Gb of Ram and 50 Gb of storage and integrated video HD 4000.
    It has SSE4.2 support and even so I can’t activate it, the installation is in animation and not complete.
    The installation of Gapps goes to the end but does not show any google apps installed.

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    • CPU: Core I5 3230m
    • GPU: Intel HD 4000
    • RAM & ROM: 16Gb , dual boot Windows 10 50GB
    • FydeOS Version: FydeOS v15.1 (FydeOS unlicensed version) Platform 14695.133.15.15 64 bits

Did you forget to mention that this device has Nvidia discrete graphics card?