Android Subsystem especialy Developer Option neues Mock Location App

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  2. I need the settting ** Set Mock Location App** in the settting Developer Options

    (1) Specific questions

    A: I need GPS for Navigation with the surface pro 3. Unfortuanatly the device has No GPS, so I have a GPS Bluetooth device. This device need the Mock Location settings.

    (2) Specific configuration and firmware version
    surface pro 3

    • CPU:Intel i5
    • GPU:
    • RAM & ROM: 8gb
    • FydeOS Version: latest

    (3) Detailed logs
    To get the logs, type /var/log/messages in the Chromium browser and locate the relevant log fragment to display.

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  • Order number: unknow I have a fydeOS for you subscription but to solve the request I can update to an Enterprise subscription
  • Time of payment: 01.01.2023
  • The new Device ID:

currently we don’t have any plan to implement this as part of the OS or subsystem, but I believe there are 3rd party offerings that can perhaps achieve what you want, you’ll just have to figure it out yourself