Installation without usb

Is there any way I can install FydeOS without a USB, like windows 10 you can unzip it to a bootable partition and install from there, I tried exactly that with Winrar and it gave me an error saying the file was corrupt

I would appreciate an answer.


Is it that you can’t boot from USB? If you can burn a CD you can use plop boot manager burn the ISO file it will let you boot your USB drive. Another way if you have a controller board or external USB hard drive case or a PC with two hard drive connectors, use that pc install balena etcher use it to write Fyde OS to the drive but be careful not to overwrite your windows drive. If your drive has a jumper for Master and Slave set it for Slave and after you write the image Set the jumper back to Master before you put it back in. If you’re wanting to dual boot you can only do that with a UEFI compatible PC and you need to resize your windows partition and create a new partition Fyde OS will format it with ext4. Use the option to install refind boot loader

Theoretically it would be possible you would just need another partition (not the one reserved for fydeos) and somehow flash the iso to that partition, then boot to that partition, install fydeos to that partition and use refinder, then boot to windows, delete that partition, boot to fydeos and done! Keep in mind that it is not 100% sure that it will work