Duel Booting: Shrinking and Growing Partitions

When duel-booting Windows and FydeOS: What would be a good method to shrink and grow partitions? Is there an officially recommended way in the FydeOS documation?

Rightclick the windows start button,click diskmanagement locate your c drive right click it and shrink it by 20gb and create the new partition for fyde os. name it fyde os for safety.

I know, I’ve already done that. But what if later: I want to transfer 10gb (for example) from Windows to FydeOS? What if I change my mind, and decide to transfer that 10gb back to Windows? How would I go about that?

Windows Disk Management (WDM) seems to work fine for creating the FydeOS partition in the first place. But if I want to grow or shrink the Windows or FydeOS partitions later, I run into problems. One time, I wanted to grow the Windows partition, but WDM wouldn’t let me because the unallocated space was next to the FydeOS partition and not the Windows partition.

I ended up wiping the FydeOS partition to grow the Windows partition, which is hardly ideal! I don’t want to reinstall FydeOS every time I grow or shrink a partition. Is there some alternative to WDM, somthing where I won’t run into probkems like this?

Sorry, but i don’t think that’s possible. Growing or shrinking the windows( C: ) partition breaks windows. I tried that a few times using gparted live on an usb and it broke windows, so from my understanding it is not possible.