Duel Booting: Shrinking and Growing Partitions

When duel-booting Windows and FydeOS: What would be a good method to shrink and grow partitions? Is there an officially recommended way in the FydeOS documation?

Rightclick the windows start button,click diskmanagement locate your c drive right click it and shrink it by 20gb and create the new partition for fyde os. name it fyde os for safety.

I know, I’ve already done that. But what if later: I want to transfer 10gb (for example) from Windows to FydeOS? What if I change my mind, and decide to transfer that 10gb back to Windows? How would I go about that?

Windows Disk Management (WDM) seems to work fine for creating the FydeOS partition in the first place. But if I want to grow or shrink the Windows or FydeOS partitions later, I run into problems. One time, I wanted to grow the Windows partition, but WDM wouldn’t let me because the unallocated space was next to the FydeOS partition and not the Windows partition.

I ended up wiping the FydeOS partition to grow the Windows partition, which is hardly ideal! I don’t want to reinstall FydeOS every time I grow or shrink a partition. Is there some alternative to WDM, somthing where I won’t run into probkems like this?

Sorry, but i don’t think that’s possible. Growing or shrinking the windows( C: ) partition breaks windows. I tried that a few times using gparted live on an usb and it broke windows, so from my understanding it is not possible.

I’ve never had MS Disk Management, Windows’ built-in partition manager, break Windows when I was growing or shrinking the Windows partition. I think the problem is: Gparted (GNOME Partition Editor) is really meant for Linux, so using it to change a Windows partition is more likely to cause problems then using MS Disk Management.

Speaking of Gparted: I’ve used it to shrink my FydeOS partition, and so far I’ve only ran into one problem: FydeOS incorrectly reports that it has more free space available than it really does. Under “storage management” (or whatever it’s called in the settings), FydeOS reports that it has 10 gb of free space, even though it doesn’t because I’ve shrunk it’s partition. My questions are:

#1: Is that a serious problem that’s going to mess up the system, or just a minor problem that I don’t need to be too worried about?

#2: Do I need to do something to get FydeOS to realize that it now has less disk space available, or will FydeOS realize that on its own soon enough?

As I said: FydeOS incorrectly reports that it has more free space available than it really does after I shrunk its partition. Could someone tell me if this is going to be a problem or not?