Touchscreen not working ONLY in fydeos

I have searched the community but can’t find a solution.

My problem is, THe touchscreen doesn’t work on FYDEOS 15 and 16.
It bothers me because the touchscreen worked on windows (with 3rd party drivers) and on all linux distros (ubuntu, pop, debian, fedora, kali) ive tried (without any driver).
Also, The touchscreen works out of box in Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS (brunch).
After facing all these issues, i liked fydeos very much only the lack of touchscreen is causing me not to use it.

My config is a Lenovo Yoga 300
- CPU: Pentium N3540 (Gen 7)
- GPU: Intel HD Graphics
- RAM & ROM: 4GB ram with 256GB SSD
- FydeOS Version: 16.0

Any help will be appreciated.

Mine too.