OpenFyde on Rock 5B

Hi guys,
OpenFyde on Rock 5B runs beautifull however you guys haven’t gave us the google apps or APK’s way to install the apps and I still cant use my Bluetooth devices on it because the Bluetooth looks broken…
I use the A8 module and I have a bluetooth JBL speaker and a K7 keychron keyboard that I would love to use via bluetooth.

Can yous please do a push forward on this matter and make me (us) happy with a complete OpenFyde OS working and pumping like FydeOS is for my happiness pleaseeeeeeeeee… halppp!!

openFyde does not support Android subsystem.

Now it does! :smiley: Hopefully soon we can get the google store.

does it support Android subsystem?

Yes. BTW, the English site is available.

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