Can't Activate Android Subsystem

I can’t Activate the android subsytem it’s keep loading

- CPU:Intel Pentium N3540 
- GPU:
- FydeOS Version:16

2gb ram is not enough

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same issue: i can’t Activate the android subsytem and it’s keep loading.
amd e1-1200 apu with radeon™ hd graphics 1.4 ghz
2gb ram
2tb hdd
So its nothing i can do to activate android becouse i have only 2 gb ram? May be i should use an older ver. of fydeos?

This CPU is too old to run Android subsystem since it does not support SSE4.2 instruction set. There is nothing you can do.

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bad for me , anyway tnx for an answer. have a good day

It seems there is support to SSE 4.2 on this Intel N3540. May be the 2GB of ran are to small ?

What else could be a problem to install?