My android apps keep crashing! please help!

Hello, i have a problem with my FydeOS system, everytime i open a google app (such as google docs, google spreadsheets, etc) it crashes, but when i open any other app, it just runs normally, but with some problems, for example: roblox runs perfectly but then it comes to joining a game, it just restarts the app and it would load for infinity, should i reinstall android or GApps?
I run FydeOS on my ssd, it is completly installed and theese are my system specs:

- CPU: Intel core i5 9th generation
- GPU: intel IRIS xe graphics
- RAM & ROM: idk
- FydeOS Version: V16 for PC

Try to reinstall Open Gapps.

hi i have installed the fyde os from my first boot the android app is not opening when i click on android app it showing loading pink sign but not moving from there what should i do

Create a new post according to the template.

ok i have created a new topic