Playstore looks like the phone version of it (zoomed and big) and the apps too!

Hellp, i have a playstore and gui problem, i don’t know why, but the playstore, and (and the installed apps using the playstore) look a “litttle bit” too big, just like an android device, i think it should look like chromeOS applications, with normal zoom and that stuff, can someone help me resize or cofigure the playstore to look like more the chromebook version of it?

CPU:intel core i5 (9th generation)
GPU:inter IRIS xe graphics
RAM & Storage:idk
FydeOS Version: V16 for PC

I guess you should modify the system resolution to make the system “bigger”. Play store is the same as in chromeos.

Well, i did not find any setting for the screen resolution, and by the way, this is how the play store should look. On the right side you can appreciate that this is how the playstore looks on every chromiumOS based system (ChromeOS, FydeOS, CloudReady). And on the left side, you can see how MY playstore looks, this type of playstore GUI is on android tablets, phones, and many other devices that use android. So modifying the system should be impossible, since the file manager shows only my files, not the system files, but i can always use the fydeOS therminal, but i am scared of breaking the system, so maybe i can re-install the system would help, or something?

My play store in FydeOS is just like your picture in chromeos. How did you install play store?

I am not sure if the UI of the Play Store is different in different languages or countries. In the English environment, the UI is indeed the same, and the image below shows the Play Store in FydeOS in English.

i installed it using theese steps:
1: install the android subsystem
2: go to the fydeOS store
3: install OpenGApps
5: launch the playstore

Change the language to English to see whether it is the same. Mine is in Chinese and it is the same UI as the picture Carrie uploaded.

you won’t belive me but i got bored and installed FydeOS 15 (downgraded) :rofl:

Hey, maybe that would help, let me see if that works

Hello Carrie, actually, downgrading to fydeOS 15 was very helpful, and my playstore finally looks like yours ( normal and not a big UI) thank you anyway for the help!