Is there any way of hiding the GRUB bootloader in start-up?

Hello, I’ve reently had a problem while booting up FydeOS, awyaws when I turn on my pc, it shows the GRUB bootloader, and it says: fydeOS image A, fydeOS image B, FydeOS verified image A and FydeOS verified image B. Since I want my pc to boot faster, I want to hide the grub menu, so in stat-up, doen’t show the menu.
Is there any way to hide that thing, it bothers me A LOT.

CPU: Intel core i5 9th generation
GPU:Intel IRIS xe graphics
RAM & Storage: storage: between 480 and 520 gigabytes and ram 16 gb
FydeOS Version: v15

Hello, Alpha! Thank you for the help! but there is a small problem, my device doesn’t have any partitions named “sda12” and instead, the’re partitions named: “zram0” or “-nvme0n1p12” and “loop3”. So what partition I must choose with the GRUB? Should i send you a photo of it?



Ok, got it but there are a lot more partitions that are nvme0n1p, such as
Are you sure that is nvme0n1p12?

Your drive is named nvme0n1, you want the 12th partition. So yes I am sure it’s nvme0n1p12

OK, thank you so much! now my computer boots up in 1,43 seconds! (i counted it) The GRUB was very annoying, again, Thank you for the help!