"manage what you sync" does not display anything

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    A: If I open “manage what you sync” from Chromium browser settings I am just presented with a blank page

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    CPU: i5-8250U
    GPU: intel HD 620
    RAM & Storage: 8gb RAM, 128gb SSD
    FydeOS Version: 16 sp1 (latest by the time I am making this post)

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    2023-03-23T13:23:52.469330Z INFO vm_concierge[4541]: BalloonTrace:[termina,2929,722805,1441,1499]
    2023-03-23T13:23:58.481522Z INFO vm_concierge[4541]: BalloonTrace:[termina,3002,-683016,1441,1428]
    2023-03-23T13:24:45.061912Z NOTICE temp_logger[19357]: pch_skylake:29C INT3400_Thermal:20C B0D4:35C GEN1:29C GEN2:31C GEN5:29C GEN7:28C x86_pkg_temp:36C PL1:25.000W
    2023-03-23T13:24:59.562887Z INFO vm_concierge[4541]: BalloonTrace:[termina,2933,852772,1441,1493]
    2023-03-23T13:25:08.578924Z INFO vm_concierge[4541]: BalloonTrace:[termina,3019,492760,1441,1408]