Google services not working after latest upgrade

Enable Gapps gives me, unsupported os message.

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Bug on your part, pls fix it. Using SP4

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Create a new local account and reinstall Open Gapps.

Where do I do that. I have paid subscription, can you be a bit more detailed

I created a new user using the google account. Still the problem remains the same./

Create a new local account.

Did that, the problem remains the same. Unsupported OS!!!

Powerwash or reinstall the system.

I just powerwashed the system. Problem remains.

Reinstall the system. I don’t know what did you do with the system. I never had this problem.

Please check the extension list. Is there a FydeOS System Controller?

FydeOS System Controller is installed.

I’ll try a powerwash again.
I played a bit with the loinux container, otherwise normal use. Lots of linux apps aren’t functioning neither. I suppose this is to be considered an android only system, except for some console tools.
I might want to shift back to linux. Fedora worked really well on the Surface pro 4.
Anyway thx for your help.

I think something changed in the App store. Installing Open GApps. I will dual boot my system to have Arch Linux working in case something happens to FydeOS that is for the moment my main system.
I’ll keep this post updated.