Hardware Support HP X2 1012 G2 GPS/WWAN

Hello all,

I am running a HP X2 1012 G2 i5 7200U 8/256 with integrated GPS and WWAN. Unfortunately the following devices won’t work:

  • GPS (GPS Test apps say “NO GPS/GNSS”, although positioning is enabled)
  • LTE (no options with inserted SIM card)
  • Light sensor for dimming (no option for automatic dimming)
  • Edit: Cameras also don’t work

Is there any possibility to get things running? Besides this, I am quite pleased with fydeOS on this device.


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Helo, how to add drivers for SierraWireless EM7455 - GPS/GSM modem
I have Dell 5285 and GSM work perfect but without GPS.

Hello, i have some informations, my modem have 2 functions, GSM and GPS(EM7455 sierra), under UBUNTU or other linux everythings works perfect,
Gentoo in ModemManager saying "Modem has no location capabilities,

Philip what’s up with your device